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First, I would love to commend the customer support for being patient enough with my never-ending questions. They were always there to assist you (before, during and after purchase). I immediately got my order the next day which as actually pretty impressive. The product is sleek and beautiful. A lot of my friends and family complimented my bottle; it’s really nice! Pretty and Effective.

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The product is sleek and beautiful. It's definitely leak-proof. It also kept drink cold for more than 12 hours. I got worried at first since I find it hard to open but then after a few uses, it became more natural.
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The packaging was alright. I got a normal brown paper box for my bottle when it arrived. I received the item with no damage. Although I thought I would receive the cute packaging I saw in their social media (planning to give a bottle as a gift). But overall it's pretty good since I bought the product (which is excellent) and not the packaging.
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The engraving was very beautiful. They showed me how the word/s would like before printing. Although, I hope next time they would be able to show a layout of the whole thing (with the bottle) so that the customer will be able to request some adjustments instead of just hoping for the best.

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  1. Shark Bottle
    August 27, 2020

    We’re sorry you weren’t pleased with our packaging. The Carabiner is one of our earliest models, and uses the old packaing. But we’re pleased to let you know all our new lines carry the new box.

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