Review for Thresher - 500ml, Purple

Yeah, I’d gladly start my review with the flow of transaction I had with Sharkbottle. I was searching through Instagram for personalized tumbler/bottle sellers. Then, boom! I hit on Sharkbottle’s IG account. I mused over their posts and got amazed instantly; that made me want to purchase one right away (without even considering how much it would cost me and knowing that I am not that sort of an ‘impulsive buyer’).

I sent a dm to the IG page, was glad that someone from the Sharkbottle team responded to me after just a few minutes. Meanwhile, I was able to choose the bot of my style which is the Thresher. Of course, I took the purple one since it’s my favorite color. I had a hard time choosing and modifying the font for my bot and I had a hard time figuring out what bank detail I should put for the specific payment I choose. It took me almost an hour and a half (I think) on my purchase and this lady named Samantha is courageously helping me out the entire time.

I saw how one of their team members expressed extended patience and willingness to help esp. to those who are preoccupied (like me). I admire her tolerance of me being unwise on that particular time of the day (given the fact of exhaustion I embraced for the entire day). I never felt any sense of getting into the nerves of hers.

Another thing that surprised me was the quick shipment of my bot! Imagine, it was only a Monday night that I’ve accomplished purchasing and the next day, it was delivered to my home. Too quick isn’t?

When I finally had my bot on hand, I can’t paint the happy face I have! Lol. I also loved how the packaging was done!!! For me it’s a complete chic! So, moving forward, my bot is bubble wrapped inside the canister for safety. Thank you for securing the item! Now, the personalization quality check comes, I looked on my engraved pen name, I can totally say that it’s well-crafted, it seem to nice. I can’t stop saying the word ‘amazing’!! For simply having it made me so happy, really. Indeed, this is the perfect gift for myself. Thanks, self for purchasing Sharkbottle.

Well, apart from the items they sell, I loved their service as much. So, to more happy customers for you guys! Cheers! I really love my Thresher and the entirety of Sharkbottle family. 😊

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As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s chic.
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Well done. The quality looks good. Refer to my review.