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Shark Bottle FAQs

How does Shark Bottle maintain your drink’s hotness/coldness? How does Vacuum Insulated bottles/cups work?

Shark bottles are BPA FREE Double-Walled Stainless Steel bottles or cups. The silver coating on the inner bottle prevents heat/cold transfer by radiation, and the vacuum between its double wall prevents heat/cold moving by convection. The thinness of the glass walls stops heat/cold from entering or leaving the flask. You cannot feel the hotness or the coldness of your drink from the outside. Your bottle will not sweat.

How long does Shark Bottles hold the hotness or coldness of your drink?

As long as 24 hours (16 hours for Cups/Tumblers) for cold drinks. As long as 12 hours (8 hours for Cups/Tumblers) for hot drinks. Of course, preference of hotness/coldness varies from one person to another.

How to take care of your Shark Bottle?

Wash it regularly with warm water (HAND WASH ONLY). Use soapy water when needed. Do not use bleach, cleansers, or other strong dishwashing liquids. Some soaps have different chemical substance, thus, may affect insulation properties. Dry it and store it top off and store it upside down. Avoid submerging your cap in water as this will interfere with the vacuum seal. Shark Bottles are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE NOR IT IS MICROWAVE SAFE. Do not put it in the refrigerator nor freezer. Shark Bottle is NOT used for storing liquids.

Can I personalize my bottle? Will it chip-off?

You can personalize your bottles using our proforma designs. Proforma designs are displayed in this website. When you decide to purchase our bottle, CLICK on the BOTTLE and CLICK PERSONALIZE. NO CHANGING OF FONTS, NO CHANGING OF DESIGN, NO DRAFT REQUESTS, NO PHRASES, NO IMAGES, and NO EMOTICONS. For own designed bottles with images or logos, kindly order @ Trend Artisans. Instagram is @trend.artisans or Viber / Whatsapp at 09152163031 or 09084708567 different rates apply (estimated minimum charge of additional 350php from total cost of 1 personalized bottle from this site). It will not chip off because our personalization process is engraving. We do not use stickers nor silk screen prints.

Do you have corporate rates?

For corporate rates, we will gladly accommodate you. Please send us an email at Minimum of 50 pcs.

How long will it take for you to have your personalized Shark Bottle?

  • Production time is 3 – 5 working days from confirmation of your payment. (for METRO MANILA you can get your bottles as fast as 3 working days). For Christmas Season, production lead time goes to as much as 10 days. Delivery lead time is 2 days within Metro Manila, and 3 – 5 days for Provincial Orders.  We do not warrant the delays committed by the courier. Please track your own package before asking questions. We will help you track your order for any undesirable circumstances. No sudden change of address. Please Finalize details before ordering.


  • To avoid dubious orders, we will give PRIORITY to those who are willing to PAY. NO RESERVATIONS, FIRST ONE TO PAY, GETS THE STOCK.

Do we accept resellers?

No, as of now, we are still upgrading our system to accommodate reseller in the future. As of now, the ONLY authorized reseller is TREND ARTISANS LIFESTYLE.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card Payments are accepted via PAYPAL.


  • For Online Transfers, Over the Counter payments, pay through DRAGONPAY payment facility. Please take note that Online Transfers should be completed within 60 MINUTES, and Over the Counter payments should be made within 48 HOURS. YOU CANNOT CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD SO PLEASE MAKE SURE OF YOUR CHOICE. Have your payment instructions sent to your email. In any case you need to change payment method, you need to reorder. USE DRAGONPAY TRANSACTION ID when paying, NOT Shark Bottle Order Number.

Return Policy

All sales of personalized items are final. We do change defective bottles within seven (7) days upon receipt of your item. Kindly email us for any questions at Please send photos of your bottle together with your name, shipping address, order number, and contact details. We do not cover any issues due to improper use, normal wear and tear, or loss / theft of the bottle.


We will accommodate all questions through our chat service, however, please feel free to browse our website first before asking questions since this website is informative enough to answer all questions. We are more than willing to answer questions but please read the FAQS carefully first before doing so.

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